29May 2022 Yan Tan Tethera, an observation while roaming.


11Feb. 2022 Together with Océ De Studio, the in-house design studio from Maastricht University, I translated a print design lay-out into a pixel-precise HTML-website.

For a streaming service's test project I designed and coded a parallax scrolling landing page.

22Jan. 2022 I made the navigation menu a bit more obvious by adding a so-called hamburger menu,. By clicking the looped arrow you will be send to a random project page.

What never seizes to amaze me is that it's possible to photograph the unseen. Orlando came out of a photo session from December 2021.

21Jan. 2022 Once every five years on December 8, on the island of La Gomera, locals gather to carry a life-size statue of their patron saint over steep, volcanic hills. The two month procession is called La Bajada de la Virgen de Los Reyes.


20Jan. 2022 I was once again commissioned by Berlin-based web label Engram Recordings, now for their 3-year anniversary release landscape with a key. The end result is a jubilant fusion of chords and heritage.

I am on Upwork! Upwork is a secure platform where you can hire freelancers – or offer your services as a freelancer. Browse around and feel free to connect if you need someone for your graphic design or photography project.

26Dec. 2021 Snowberries, my new year's wish for 2022.

11Mar. 2020 Another design project is now available. Olivia Glebbeek is a Dutch artist with South-Korean roots. Her work, and the website I created in close collaboration with her, explore the hard to capture melancholy of being dis-rooted.


26Feb. 2020 I have added multiple mock-ups of design projects to the website, just click/tap on menu and take a look. More coming up soon.

11Jan. 2020 Once a year, one of Berlin's largest housing corporations organizes a free-for-all kite festival, Drachenfest in German, at former military airport Tempelhof. Next to seeing professional kite flyers at work, it is what happens in the margins—people working and playing—that defines the setting.


06Jan. 2020 To indicate which browser layout works best for certain photo and design projects you'll see a small gray scale image (referencing a darkroom test strip) in the text field of selected pages. Its vertical of horizontal shape tells you to rotate (your mobile device) or drag (your browser window), so you will always be able to see the complete image.

05Jan. 2020 First of all, a very happy new year to all of you!

Over the years I have worked and collaborated on multiple album covers for physical (vinyl and CD), and digital releases. More recently my contributions extended to photography as well.

Please find a small selection—with links to the photography entry and official release if available—under design.


21Dec. 2019 Each year I create a New Year's card for family, friends and clients.

MM/20, this year's card, uses a typeface based on lettering found in National Parks in the US. Instead of expensive gifts and copious meals, please consider a donation to a nature preservation project of your choice. 2020 will need it.

11Dec. 2019 A lot of what happens on the island, happens at night. It's shimmering on the edges, in the corner of your eye. Kísértet has been added to the Sziget photo series.


06Dec. 2019 I added a completely reworked navigation menu. Clicking on “menu” toggles a screen that shows/hides all titles on a glance (you may also click anywhere outside of the menu to collapse it).

When the menu is visible—depending on the background image—the menu will look eroded, as if Xeroxed. I may expand upon that at a later point, together with a few smaller layout enhancements.

Photography is now split into art and documentary work. The distinction in some cases may be minute, however I consider my documentary photography to be be much closer to applied photography. If you would be interested in hiring me, feel free to reach out.


02Dec. 2019 For personal use I keep track of films stored on diverse media with a customized film database. By printing out and folding the individual pages, each film entry can used as an invitation.

Jovoto is an online platform on which designers can compete to have their logo or other design to be used for an ad campaign. In 2011, the logo design was not going to be for a large business, but for a very noble cause: human rights.


26Nov. 2019 A few new projects and a revised interface.

from that which acts to that which sees is conceptual photography created for Berlin-based EIN magazine.

For a personal project I made several book covers for selected novels by British author JG Ballard.

And finally Llorando, which is part of an analogue series shot at La Gomera. The title is taken from an entry in Christopher Columbus' journal in which he describes the island of San Boródon. According to legend, the island appears and disappears, but can never be reached.

22Nov. 2019 The first design project is now available on this website. Monkey Business is a digital collage created for a corporate calender.


16Nov. 2019 I have uploaded a few older photo series. Alba is part of a series shot at El Pavelló, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's modernist pavilion in Barcelona.

Equus is part of a larger series called Circe. It was shot on expired film during a visit of the Moscow State Circus to Berlin.

In order for me to get a better overview of visitor's behaviour on this website, I installed a few lines of code provided by Statcounter. Given your browser is set up to accept cookies, I only see an IP address and location (which you can obscure using proxies or VPN) and a little bit of information about how you arrived here, but no way to identify you. Read more about Statcounter's policy on their Legal page.

21Jan. 2022 I find Statcounter to be too invasive for my taste so I removed the code. Meanwhile, I'm looking into open-source alternative Plausible.

07Nov. 2019 In the winter of 2010 I was given the opportunity to travel to Greece. During a long bus ride from Thessaloniki to the city of Ioannina, I was struck by its ever-changing, seemingly eternal landscape. The resulting series is called Silentii.

More a camera test than an actual project, I shot a small photo series while visiting sculptor Absalon's solo exhibition at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin in 2010.

05Nov. 2019 Added the first photo series to my redesigned website. Dans is a series shot at former airport Tempelhof, during a performance by groundbreaking choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

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