Devil's Circuit

.ICover art created for the collaborative album Devil's Circuit by Pansori (Berlin) and Mitei Narico (Japan).

The photograph selected by Pansori is 632, part of an experimental analogue series exploring the architecture of the Kölner Dom.

Devil's Circuit is available via Pansori's Bandcamp page.

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Sun and Steel

.IISun and Steel is an EP by Poltergeist Sound System (Kanagawa, Japan) and Pansori (Berlin, Germany).

The title is inspired by Japanese author 三 島 由 紀 夫 (Yukio Mishima's) essay 太 陽 と 鉄 (Sun and Steel: Art, Action and Ritual Death) which he worked on from 1965 until 1968. The essay deals with body building and physical training, themes essential to Mishima's writing.

Sun and Steel is available via Pansori's Bandcamp page.

digital photography

Troublesome Night

.IIITroublesome Night is Berlin-based Engram Recordings' first Halloween compilation. This small independent label excels in consistently finding artists with a high quality output.

The photo selected for this release comes from the Night Crawlers series.

Troublesome Night is available via Engram Recordings' Bandcamp page.

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