Maastricht Art Promotion

.IThe now-defunct Stichting Maastricht Art Promotion was the institute behind the annual art fair MosArte, an euregional event in the old city center. As a foundation budget was tight, so when I was asked to create a new branding it had to cost next to nothing. With that in mind, I created a logo that is so simple that it can be typed out with any standard text editor, so there'd be no need to use the services of a printing company when out of paper with letterheads.

The logo itself is composed of abstracted references to the city of Maastricht: the colours red and white and the plus-sign reference the colours and the white star of the city emblem; the m references the bridge arches of the 13th century St. Servatius Bridge that connects the banks of the river Maas.

maastricht art promotion
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