.I Each year I create a New Year's card for family, friends and clients. A selection of cards can be found on this and the following pages.

MM/20 was created for 2020 and based on an analogue photo that I took from an airplane several years back, while flying over the snow-capped Alps. The typeface, National Park, is based on lettering found on signage in National Parks in the US.

Instead of expensive gifts and copious meals, please consider a donation to a nature preservation project of your choice. 2020 will need it.

2019, analogue photography


.II A digital collage of found photo material for 2016. The image shown here is one I eventually decided not to publish but, looking back on it, found to be more compelling than the card I eventually sent out.

2015, digital collage

quatorze, un

.III Quatorze, un (fourteen, one) uses an image found online scanned from an old crafts book. The text comes from a treaty by the Situationist International.

2014, digital collage


.IV A continuation of ideas for 2014.

2013, digital photography and paper


.V The shape for 2012 has 5 points (2+0+1+2), of which two are folded in a 20° and 12° angle respectively.

2011, digital photography and gold foil

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